This is the fun page, because EVERYONE loves to get something for their money.

We have lots of cool stuff for sale, and they’re quality items, too, because that’s how i am.

NO cheap trinkets, please. not with MY name on them!

Anyone who has ever gone to a concert or music festival knows one of the busiest places is the merch table, but here,
the proceeds go right back into the campaign. we’re not making money, we’re trying to save Iowa for EVERYONE’S sake.
So look through the merch, buy all you want, and then keep coming back, because we will continue to come up with MORE neat stuff
[because i’m a kid at heart, and we’re always coming up with neat ideas], and because we will be randomly offering special deals
and package bundles that will tempt you to buy even more “Iowa Needs A New Kim” items, and help our campaign
grow healthier, stronger, and more formidable.
1- Buy your Iowa Needs a New Kim Merchandise.
2- Wear it often and proudly.
3- Tell your friends where they can get THEIRS!
Remember, I’m doing all this for you guys,
And although i cannot thank you enough for helping, I’ll try!
– Kim West