“Iowa Nice” is a phrase that attempts to describe that innate quality of Iowans – and of Iowa – that sets the people and their state apart from the rest of the country.   It’s a natural thing, caring for strangers as though they were long-lost friends, and doing so out of the goodness of one’s heart, not expecting something in return, other than a smile and that warm feeling you get when you “do unto others…” Lately, the words “Iowa Nice” have been hijacked by cynics and others who think that it means other than what real Iowans – and visitors to our state – know to be true: that Iowa nice is alive and well. This section is for you, Iowans, and visitors and travelers to our state, to offer your photos, videos, and remembrances of what Iowa nice means to you. We’ve included photos submitted by Iowans showing our lovely state, and the people therein, as a starting point, and I encourage YOU to do the same. Share your photos of Iowa, and Iowans, who prove that Iowa nice is still a thing of which we can all be proud. It may sound corny, or outdated, but Iowa nice is what makes us special, and we need to be proud of it, and share it. We need to show the rest of the nation that Iowa can still offer its best, to all Iowans and to all visitors, in the finest tradition of Iowa nice.