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Donations.  Money.  Greasing the Wheels.

Having a politician in your back pocket.
This is where politics gets the well-deserved reputation for getting ugly.

Not here.  Not on this page.  Not in this campaign.

I'm NOT going to auction myself as a dinner date.

You want to talk to me?  Meet me at an I-Cubs game for a beer and a hot dog.

I DO need your money; Lots of it.  This isn't going to be a cheap task ahead.

But I want lots of donors. Hundreds of donors - thousands of donors.

Giving smaller and more reasonable amounts of their hard-earned money.

Because in addition to needing lots of donors and their dollars,

We MUST have lot and lots of VOTES.

The way I figure it, the more people who give $25, $50, or $100,

The more people will feel they have invested in a better future for their state,

And for their children and grandchildren - and even themselves.

If you want to donate $500, $1000 or more, please do, with my sincere thanks.

But know this: I'm running for the people of Iowa.  No amount of money can buy ME,

as my interests are already spoken for: the only special interest I represent are the interests of the people of Iowa.
I think that should be clear.

That said, please donate an amount you feel that you can,and if later, you feel like you can give more, then go right ahead.

Thanks so much for making this task a little easier for me.

- Kim West