Iowa Needs A New Kim! Help Us Make Kim West the new Kim!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of any campaign, and will be especially important in this endeavor, when the task is so great, and the consequences of success will be so broad and have such a positive and lasting impact on the lives of Iowans, and on the future of the State of Iowa itself. I hope for and am asking for a wide variety of volunteers, too, since we intend to reach out to and appeal to Iowans of all ages and from all circumstances. some will be, like me, folks who have spent their entire lives volunteering for various projects and campaign, both national and local. others will be first timers, their enthusiasm a daily dose of energy for everyone who comes in contact with our campaign.

The tasks we will ask of you will both draw on your natural talents and abilities, and at the same time, pose challenges for you to grow and learn about yourself, the State of Iowa, and the wide variety of people who live, work, and VOTE here. This is your state, and this is their state, and our goal is to make them realize that, together, we can make Iowa, as our state motto proclaims, a state where "our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain." my promise, with your help, and their votes, is to guarantee that those ten words apply to EVERY Iowan equally, and always.

If you are up for this, please, we welcome and need your help. Thanks so much!

- Kim West